Top 10 profiles to follow for living gently

I think of living gently as being mindful that every word we say, dollar we spend, and action we take, can have a positive or negative impact on the earth and the people around us. Choose positive. Always.

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, or want to fill your feed with more positivity, these are the profiles I recommend you follow. I’ve picked these 10 for their actionable tips, helpful advice, and inspirational messages. Here they are in no particular order:

3x3 photo grid from Take One Holistic instagram profile.

Take One Holistic

@takeoneholistic is by far my most frequently bookmarked profile. It is jam packed with healthy vegan recipes and education on nutrition. I’ve chosen to adopt a plant-based diet to have a meaningful impact on the environment and to prevent harm to animals. This page also reinforces the personal health benefits.

Giulia Sgro-Ralph is the plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer behind Take One Holistic. Read my interview with Giulia on Going Vegan.

3x3 photo grid from The Rogue Ginger instagram profile.

The Rogue Ginger

Erin Rhoads, AKA @therogueginger is synonymous with the issue of zero waste. A published author of Waste Not and Waste Not Everyday, Erin is my go-to person for guidance on living gently through reducing my waste.

Read my interview with Erin on Zero Waste.

3x3 photo grid from Giving Tuesday instagram profile.

Giving Tuesday

@givingtuesday is a global generosity movement. There is an annual Giving Tuesday in December, however it hasn’t really become popular in Australia yet. I love this profile for the inspirational quotes about giving and uplifting stories of generosity around the world, every day of the year.

3x3 photo grid from The Minimalist's instagram profile.

The Minimalists

I follow @theminimalists for regular prompts to remind myself what’s really adds value to my life. If you’re new to the concept, I highly recommend their film, Minimalism.

If you are feeling inspired to clear out a few unwanted items from around your home in the new year, first read my blog post on tidying up mindfully.

3x3 photo grid from Kids in Philanthropy instagram profile.

Kids in Philanthropy

@kidsinphilanthropy gives me great hope for the future. It’s an organisation that engages children and families in meaningful activities that give back to the community. I believe it is so important to encourage children to discover the joy of giving as early in life as possible.

3x3 photo grid from The Ironic minimalist istagram profile.

The Ironic Minimalist

Jenna Flood, AKA the @ironicminimalist is my source of information for all things sustainable and ethical fashion. I used to think about nothing other than the price when I bought clothes. I’m now much more aware of the significant impact fast fashion has on the environment and on the people who make the clothes.

Read my interview with Jenna on Slow Fashion.

3x3 photo grid from Good Smiths instagram profile.

Good Smiths

@beagoodsmith promotes responsible consumption of a wide range of goods and services by linking you to social enterprises. They can be your one stop shop for ethical gifts throughout the year.

3x3 photo grid from Beyond Blue instagram profile.

Beyond Blue

@beyondblueofficial Philanthropy is all about the love of people, but it must start with being gentle with ourselves. Beyond Blue has valuable resources on how to support others who are going through a tough time. It also provides a safe online community to share your own experiences.

Read about why I share my story as a volunteer speaker with Beyond Blue.

3x3 photo grid from Easy Eco Tips instagram profile.

Easy Eco Tips

This hint is in the name with this one, really – @easyecotips. Every day you get simple tips and ideas for living gently on the earth. They also feature important environmental news and interesting facts.

3x3 photo grid from 1 Million Women instagram profile.

1 Million Women

@1millionwomen are all about how you can take on the climate emergency through the way you live your life. That can be small habits like switching off the powerpoint when appliances aren’t in use. Or bigger changes like switching to an ethical superannuation company.

I also recommend joining the movement by downloading the 1 Million Women app.

Who else would you recommend? Please let me know in the comments below.

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