The Illuminate Fund

The Illuminate Fund (an Australian Communities Foundation sub-fund) was established in 2018 by The Thrifty Philanthropist Founder, Erin Davidson. The fund provides grants to health-based charities to help improve their environmental sustainability.

The Illuminate Fund logo. A light bulb with a plant growing inside and a heart shaped leaf.

From little things, big things grow

The Illuminate Fund is currently in the form of a Gumnut Account. This program is a wonderful option for budding philanthropists, available through the Australian Communities Foundation (ACF).

Gumnut Accounts enable people to build their fund balance gradually over time. You’ll find that many similar foundations require a minimum upfront deposit of $20,000 or more.

The best part is that ACF has committed to entirely divest its $90 million corpus investment portfolio from fossil fuels and focus on investments with positive environmental outcomes.

Support the fund

Donations over $2 are tax deductible within Australia. You can donate here to help charities become more environmentally sustainable.


Environmentally sustainable health-based charities.


The Illuminate Fund aims to enable health-based charities to implement sustainable operating practices without diverting vital funds away from their core mission.


The Illuminate Fund was proud to award its first grant in December 2018 to Burnet Institute for the purchase of a TerraCycle office supplies zero waste box.

In December 2019, the fund supported The Royal Children’s Hospital Garden Program.