How to be a thrifty philanthropist

The word philanthropy literally translates to “the love of people” and while the word is generally associated with gaziollionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, everyone can be a philanthropist, even if you think your bank balance might suggest otherwise.

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Close calls and evening strolls

The statistics of the incidence of violence against women are frightening. The story of the latest victim, Eurydice Dixon has hit me particularly hard. Maybe it’s because she was murdered in a park that is only a few minutes’ drive from my home. Maybe it’s because she was a comedian who just wanted to bring smiles and laughter to people. Read More

How to prepare for Mt Kilimanjaro

Someone asked me recently if I had any tips for their Mt Kilimanjaro trek and it made me think – what advice can I give that hasn’t been given a million times before? Read More

Making my beast beautiful

Early in 2017, after returning home from a pretty epic adventure in Africa, I had a sudden and severe relapse into anxiety. When I relapse, I now know I will get out the other side eventually so I quickly put my recovery plan into action and just make it to the end of each day until calm returns. This time around it took longer than usual… and it got a bit scary. Read More

It’s time to give a crap

I could not think of a more fitting day to launch my blog than the official UN World Toilet Day. You can read more here about how toilets have played a significant part in my life.

We’ve all got a horrible toilet story. Some of us have more than a few… Read More

Taming the vulture

If depression is the black dog, then anxiety is the vulture – a foreboding presence constantly circling overhead. Read More

The confetti effect

I’m not quite sure exactly when it began, but my family has a tradition.  It’s not enough for them to just sprinkle confetti on the happy couple on their wedding day as they leave the ceremony. No, no, no – they like to go that one step further and hide confetti in the most unusual (and often inconvenient) places in the newlywed’s home for them to find on return from their honeymoon. Read More