Taming the vulture

If depression is the black dog, then anxiety is the vulture – a foreboding presence constantly circling overhead. A vulture is the perfect metaphor for my anxiety because vultures poop on their own legs* and that’s exactly what I fear will happen whenever I have an anxiety attack – thanks a lot IBS! Did you know that when faced with an adversary, a vulture will just vomit and fly away?* That sounds familiar too.

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The confetti effect

I’m not quite sure exactly when it began, but my family has a tradition.  It’s not enough for them to just sprinkle confetti on the happy couple on their wedding day as they leave the ceremony. No, no, no – they like to go that one step further and hide confetti in the most unusual (and often inconvenient) places in the newlywed’s home for them to find on return from their honeymoon. Read More