Top 10 profiles to follow for living gently

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, or want to fill your feed with more positivity, these are the profiles I recommend you follow.


Making my beast beautiful

Early in 2017, after returning home from a pretty epic adventure in Africa, I had a sudden and severe relapse into anxiety. When I relapse, I now know I will get out the other side eventually so I quickly put my recovery plan into action and just make it to the end of each day until calm returns. This time around it took longer than usual… and it got a bit scary. Read More

Taming the vulture

If depression is the black dog, then anxiety is the vulture – a foreboding presence constantly circling overhead. A vulture is the perfect metaphor for my anxiety because vultures poop on their own legs* and that’s exactly what I fear will happen whenever I have an anxiety attack – thanks a lot IBS! Did you know that when faced with an adversary, a vulture will just vomit and fly away?* That sounds familiar too.

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