Online Comedy Festival

The Online Comedy Festival is a place where punters can discover their new favourite comedians, and comedians can share the LOLs while we’re all in social isolation.

This is in response to the cancellation of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) and other festivals around Australia.

I have been involved in the MICF in one way, shape or form for the last 14 years. It all started when I entered the Funny Tonne competition – it’s like the Amazing Race of comedy. I saw 123 shows in three and a half weeks, and have a second-hand netball trophy to show for it.

That started an obsession. I couldn’t get enough. I started to review for The Groggy Squirrel – now Squirrel Comedy. Check them out!

I’ve produced shows for seven of the last twelve festivals and I initiated the Deaf Access Program. I’m proud to have contributed in my own way to the vibrant comedy scene that this great city boasts.

So news of the MICF being cancelled was like being told there won’t be a Christmas this year. What is bitter disappointment for me though, has a massive impact on the livelihood of many comedians who can’t earn income from performing right now.

Also, we NEED laughter. More than ever.

So, if you’re stuck inside, I urge you to follow the Online Comedy Festival on either Facebook or Instagram to discover some new comedy.

You might find your new favourite podcast and become a patreon subscriber. Or purchase some merchandise. Or discover your new favourite comedian who you can’t wait to see live – when we get the next chance.

What else you can do to support artists

If you already purchased tickets, you may want to consider requesting that all or a percentage of the value of your tickets to continue to go to the artist. The MICF have also set up a fund to support everyone who is affected by the cancellation and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. This includes artists as well as support staff. I’ve donated – will you join me?

Another option is to go to a comedian’s show page on the MICF website whose show you would have gone to see, select their 19 April ‘performance’ and you can buy $5 ‘tickets’ to their show. The money goes directly to the artist you choose. Find out more.

These are strange times – let’s all look after each other.

And don’t forget to laugh.

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